There are two basic rules to insurance: Don't risk what you can't afford to lose and don't buy more insurance than you need.  The best financial plan can be devastated without proper insurance coverages and a plan that may be on shaky footing due to high premiums can be stabilized if insurance coverage is unnecessary in light of your goals and resources.  We will inventory your health, life, long term care, disability, and annuity coverages and help you determine the appropriate balance between protection and premium.


Regardless of your stage in life, cashflow is critical to financial success.  Our planning process starts with cashflow and incorporates taxes, insurance and other expenses to identify opportunities for savings through efficient asset structure.  Further, we incorporate social insurance programs such as Social Security and Medicare.  Beginning the planning process with an understanding of how social insurance programs impact your situation can have a profound impact on how you manage your insurance and investment portfolios.  We can help you coordinate your social insurance decisions with your decisions on private insurance and investments to help you make the most of all available assets in support of your financial goals.


We believe it is crucially important for investment decisions to be made within a clearly defined investment philosophy, including both initial security selection and ongoing management.  Your return requirements, risk tolerance and investment timeline are assessed in the planning process to determine the appropriate asset allocation.  Allocations are modified based on relative valuation metrics that may allow us to identify opportunities to invest more heavily in undervalued assets.  Investments are periodically rebalanced to harvest gains in outperforming asset classes while investing in underperforming asset classes.